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With the increase in online marketing and advertising, there has been an increased demandfor Facebook advertising to target a specific segment of people. As a social media platform, Facebook is the most sought-afterplatform compared to other platforms. Facebook possesses a huge user base from different countries. Social media integration and advertisements will improve the visibility on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Facebook captures details of users such as their likes, dislikes, preferences and eventually helps to get insights into the targeted customer’s requirements. Facebook advertisements recommend various types of ad customization, mobile friendliness, the targeted location of people and insertion of different visuals, such as different images to create an impact on the audience. Google ads are dealing with text only advertising but Facebook ads let customers incorporate pictures and videos as well. Facebook AdWordsis more budget-friendly than Google Adwords.

At Ranks Direct, our social media management team of experts work with different companies and give them the desired visibility on the world’s preferred social media by involving and reaching out to targeted audiences based on their age, background,and location. Our team of professionals ensures that the Facebook page of our clients is able to gain attention and interest of the target audience. Through Facebook PPC campaigns, we stimulate engagement with the respective audience on a regularbasis by posting interesting content along with promotions and offers to enhance sales or conversions.

Our Facebook AdWords Package Offers:

  • Understanding of their policy on the type of content for posting ads
  • Choosing your objective, selecting your target audience and running your ads accordingly
  • Preparing the correct ad format
  • Creating related landing pages based on relevance and accuracy
  • Managing your ads
  • Achieving your business goals

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