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How Does Google Search Work in 2018?

Date:13 / Apr / 2018

You know the world with the eyes of the google. Whenever you get stuck in the middle of something you always sit with your computer and you google it. And the google shows web pages according to the matching queries in the order of priority rank system called “PageRank”. Google search also provides customized search that includes, excludes and specifies certain search results.

The google search is mainly to hunt for the texts and documents in publicly accessible web servers. In June 2011, for efficient search engine results google introduced “Google Voice search” which gives the result for the spoken words than the typed ones.

The key features which are responsible for giving effective search results are:

• PageRank: Google was stated as the best and most used search engine because of its patented algorithm that is PageRank that helps the websites or the web pages to match the given search text or word. Rather than giving results according to keywords, it gives result according to the human-generated backlinks in web pages that are linked with other important pieces of information on another web page. In the recent years, Google has created other secret algorithms with 250 indicators that make google different from other search engines globally.

• Google Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization comprises of two things. One is “on page” factor and another is “off page” factor. To make a website at the top ranking, the idea is to insert the keywords in various targeted places on “on page” for being appropriate for the Google algorithm.

• Indexing of the Search Results: It collects and stores documents or data for the fast retrieval of information. Google also provides temporary versions of the sites that are indexed by the search engine. It also provides users to activate “Safe search” for filtering the offensive contents that sometimes appear in the search results.

• Universal Search: In 2007 google launched “Universal Search” that will compile a different kind of search results into one, it will only consist of links to websites. It has a wide arena of news, videos, maps, blogs, images and more.

• “Caffeine”-Upgraded Search Indexing Infrastructure: It provides no difference in the user interface but improves the speed and the new “under-the-hood” indexing tool. Google ensures that it will give 50% of fresh results due to daily and continuous updates of the index.

• Updated Search Algorithm with Humming-Bird: In 2013 google updated its search engine algorithm with the use of hummingbird. Due to its high speed and accuracy, it emphasizes on queries on natural languages and meaning of keywords.

• Mobile Search Engine Results: In 2016 Google made primary web index only for mobile devices. This created a huge hike in mobile usage and webmasters started to make mobile-friendly apps for their websites. Whenever a user types the queries in the Google’s search bar, it indexes the matching pages and shows the result that is relevant for the user. For making any website to rank in the top, the most important thing is that Google crawls and indexes that website.

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