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Search Optimization Can Help Your Business

How Google Image Search Optimization Can Help Your Business:

Date:02 / July / 2018

Want to explore the “blue ocean strategy” of your SEO method? The answer is Google Image Search Optimization. If your business owns a website or social media accounts, Google image search optimization can be a great avenue. It attracts supplementary traffic via an image search and a less cluttered approach.

On page optimization is a very crucial aspect of SEO and image optimization helps you to get positive results in on page optimization. Image SEO optimization can be a deal breaker to your website because it offers effective visual experience to the customers. If your website caters to the e-commerce sector, service sectors and contain many images, image optimization is the key.

Google image search can create a surge in traffic and a good result in organic search. Messages also can be very effective if you use visual components such as attractive pictures. Images are easier to grasp for the audiences and a great tool for website owners. Due to the low attention span of a human being, images are the clever tools to catch the potential customers.

Real estate, food business, apparel, garments, wardrobes, interior decoration sectors must engage themselves to image search optimization, through different social media platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr to drive more traffic. The bounce rate of the traffics are relatively low for the image based websites. Blogs, which are using more images than normal websites tend to be more engaging than the simple one.

How to Optimize Images for Google Image Search:

Size of The Image: Size of the image is very important for Google image search optimization. Image of the product must be large but not like wallpapers and images of celebrities must not be thumbnailed. These two types of images are the anchor of any kind website.

Name of The Image: Name of the image is as significant as the size. You must use the relevant name for the image to attract the right traffic to your website.

Types of The Image: You can use various types of images to appeal to the audience such as GIF. Animated images are quite popular when it comes to sharing on social media platforms.

Creation of Image Sitemap: Creation of image sitemap can facilitate the visibility of your website as well as blog. Images would be crawled by Google and you would enjoy the benefits of visibility on search image options.

Providing “Alt Tag” In Images: Creating “alt tag” in images would definitely give advantages to your website. It provides Google with an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and relevancy. Alt text is not only important for individual pages but also for images if you want to pull out the crowd and backlinks from the search engine results.

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