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Increase Traffic to Your Website Through Effective Video Advertising:

Date:25 / May / 2018

Online videos or online ad campaigns were once considered as afterthoughts in the advertising world. However, over past few years, there is a tremendous shift in the digital marketing media, from desktop to smartphones and tablets. The advertisers have started taking this shift very seriously and now you can expect to view a huge influx of online video content and video advertisements. Digital marketing critics have stated that by 2019 video advertising will account for more than 69% of all consumer internet traffic. A financial study estimated that advertisers have increased investment in video advertising by almost 114% approximately. The highest investment made in digital marketingis in the last two years. Advertisers also have plans forwell-thought-out video advertising strategies in their marketing plans that will define metrics of success in the business world.

Reasons to Choose Video Advertising as A Tool for Digital Marketing: Presently video advertising has become extensively cost efficient and easy to use. You no longer have to be technically sound or much trained to edit and upload professional video advertisements on the internet. You can get hold of various free or reasonable software that will help you to create a professional video content or advertisement sitting back at home. You do not have to pay a lot of money to videographers. With less investment inmarketing, you can get a foot in the door and can capture the attention ofthe online audience.

It has been diagnosed that almost 96% of B2B organizations or mode of companies use video advertising to create a strong impact on the minds of the viewers or targeted audience. It is so becausethe easiest way to tell your company story or explain the core competencies of your business in a cinematic manner is through video advertising. If you can create a captivating and relevant video then you would be greatly successful in achieving the attention of the buyers, or potential clients. Popular video advertisements show the company details, products,and its services in such a manner that it allows viewers to relate to the company and its business in an easier and faster way.

Helps toCreate an Emotional Connection: A good video content or video advertisement is able tocreate a positive and emotional connection with your company products, services and feel associated with your brand. Though other forms of promotional content can create responses,video advertising has the niche to the rapid pace at which a viewer is able to connect or identify with your company product. This emotional connection will definitely help you to gain new customers and create your company brand loyalty in the market.

Increases Sales and Welcome Healthy Profit Margin: It can be due to the emotional connection that various big names in the market have reported that adding a video ad while promoting their company product or services has increased the chances of a buyer buying that item up by 35%.

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