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Top Benefits of YouTube Video Advertising

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Date: 12 / September / 2019

Video consumption by consumers has been rising over a period of time. However, the notion of YouTube video advertising still remains as an untapped territory for several businesses. It is even more unfamiliar for small-sized businesses which have a limited budget for their marketing campaigns. Unlike conventional media channels (such as television, radio or print) advertisements running as YouTube video advertising allow you to interact with potential consumers directly in a memorable method during the exact moment, the customers engage in a keyword search related your services. Google AdWords services make it simple for all types of business to create video campaigns for the YouTube channel.

Here is a List of Benefits from YouTube Video Advertising

Reach Large Percentage of Users

YouTube has a huge visitor’s base. As per some survey, there are more than 1 billion visits to YouTube, per month with users watching six billion hours of video. YouTube video advertising has the substantial potential to tap the major percentage of the population than any traditional marketing channels.

Targeting Based On Interest

Reach values nothing if you are unable to attract potential customers. The overall reach of YouTube is definitely incredible, but you have to cut through the target audience. YouTube offers you the flexibility to reach the target audience based on their location, demographics, interests and viewing devices(tablet, laptop, cell phone) and duration of the day to make sure your message gets to the right people.

Duration of the Advertisements

YouTube video advertisingwith the assistance of Google AdWords offers the marketers options ofdefining the start and end date. Unlike other campaigns, YouTube video advertising can run forever. Therefore, whenever a new potential customer starts a search, your video message would be ready to respond.


YouTube video advertising does not require a huge marketing budget to advertise effectively to the target market. Flexible feature of YouTube video advertising pay per view (PPV) helps them to set a weekly budget and even define the maximum amount the marketer wants to pay per view. It is known as the maximum cost per view.


One of the greatest advantages of YouTube video advertising is the ability to understand the success of the advertising campaign. With traditional marketing channel, it is difficult to determine whether you have reached the target audience or not. Google AdWords offers you access to analytics reports, which is totally free of cost. These reports include the number of visitors who have observed the video and the total number of new customers that have contacted your business through the video. The analytics also offers the details of the visitors, they are coming from.


It is closely related to measurability. When you comprehend that visitors are interacting with your advertisements, you can always customize the campaign to suit their interest, thus it helps to enhance the chances of the engagement.

To Establish a Connection

YouTube video advertising helps to establish a connection with potential customers in a meaningful way. It helps to connect with users to motivate to select the company. With the help creative video, you can establish a connection by evoking their emotion. You can influence them to select your organization.

Gathering the Feedback

YouTube video advertising offers options of consumer feedback. They can directly respond to your advertisements. By welcoming these customers’comments, the marketer can realize the insights from consumers and further interact with them by responding in the comment sections.

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