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Video Advertising for Your Business

Importance of Video Advertising for Your Business

Date:11 / June / 2018

Online video advertising is a new phenomenon or a revolution that has changed the definition of business promotion. In the digital era, video advertising has made many people realize its need for its effectiveness in increasing the target traffic for your business. Previously, online videos or online ad campaigns were considered as afterthoughts in the advertising world. But since last few years, a significant shift has been noticed in the field of advertising. The advertisers have started taking this shift very seriously and in 2018-19 you can expect to view a huge influx of online video contents and video advertisements. Digital marketing critics have stated that by 2019 video advertising will account for more than 69% of all consumer internet traffic. A financial study estimated that advertisers have increased investment in video advertising by almost 114% approximately, the highest investment made in digital marketing in last two years. Advertisers also have plans for well-thought-out video advertising strategies in their marketing plans that will bring in success in the business world.

Why Web Video Advertising Turned Out to Be A New Promotional Proposition?

Video advertising has become extensively cost efficient and an easy to use marketing strategy. You can hire video advertising agencies such as Ranks Direct who make stunning videos and also help you in promoting your business. With less investment in marketing, you can set a foot in the door and can capture the eyes of the online audience.

Furthermore, it has been analyzed that people now mostly interact through popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. To make your company brand a part of their life, the most suitable and perfect version of promotion is through showing small video ads on these sites so that the target audience can get to know about your company’s core competencies regularly. It has been diagnosed that almost 96% of B2B organisations use video advertising to create a strong impact on the minds of the viewers or targeted audience.

Develop an Emotional Connection with The Traffic

A well thought out video content can create a positive and emotional connection with your company products, services and especially your company brand. This form of promotional content can create emotional connections. Video advertising has the nimble niche just due to the rapid pace at which a viewer is able to connect or identify with your company’s values. This definitely will help you to gain new customers and cement your company brand loyalty in the market.

Helps to Expand Sales and Profit Margin

The big fame names in the market have reported that preparing a video ad campaign for their company products have increased the company business to a significant level. Your company brand becomes an emotional factor for anonymous customers.

Remember, a video advertisement sets your company product on a good level already.

If you want to drive the attention of the target audience then get in touch with Ranks Direct, who has a proven record in the industry to run successful ad campaigns in the past.

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